Ho-Chunk Village Progress Pictures
Ho-Chunk Village Progress Pictures


  • AllNative.com
  • Blue Earth Marketing
  • AllNative Office
  • HCI Distribution
  • Dollar General Store


  • Multi-Family Housing
  • 20-Unit Apartment Complex
  • Village Place Apartments


  • Statue Garden




Ho-Chunk Village

The Ho-Chunk Village development is a unique blend of three design and development concepts:

Encouraging the health and social benefits of creating a close-knit community through a design plan that encourages walking.
Higher-density mixed use to maximize capital expenditures and land base where availability of land is limited.
Due to the unique nature of our heritage, we have integrated traditional Winnebago village concepts into the design,such as locating facilities in a traditional and historical placement and creating a cultural gathering place at the center.

Our traditional village design is based on creating beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, incorporating rich cultural traditions that promote healthy lifestyle.

Winnebago hopes this transformation will help them reclaim the balance of health, work, and family that is an intrinsic part of their heritage. This subdivision is creating economic, job creation, and housing opportunities for the Village of Winnebago, Winnebago Tribal members, and residents of Thurston County, Nebraska because as it provides for both commercial and residential development.

Proposed commercial development includes construction of a 20 unit apartment complex, commercial office bldg, laser art panels, assisted living facility, veteran’s park, 10 unit townhouses, phase II sculpture garden, commercial building, theater, playground, public building.